About the Author

Shantideva is my nickname as a photographer on the Internet. I use this name with great respect because Shantideva was an 8th-century Indian Buddhist scholar that is particularly renowned as the author of the Bodhicaryavatara. There is no other book that I read as often as the Bodhicaryavatara.

Born in 1970 in Paris, I live since my earliest days in Luxembourg. I am working in the IT as a network and security specialist. Photography is my passion since childhood.

This blog is dedicated to spirituality rather than photography. My photographs will only serve to illustrate the spiritual content of the blog. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

All pictures in this blog have been taken by myself and have been uploaded to my Flickr Account to show them here. If I upload any other content it will be clearly referenced.

About the blog and its content

There are two reasons for existence of this blog. It is my intention to write something meaningful and good everyday in order to exercise my mind in positive thinking, to do good deeds every day and to spread these messages throughout the world. At the end of a complete year the content of the blog might be used to create a daily meditation book where every day one of my photographs is combined by a meaningful spiritual text. The texts are always quotations because I cannot pretend to be a good writer nor have I the spiritual realisation to compose texts similar to those I quote in my articles. Personal considerations might be added in rare cases.

It is also a communication platform between other bloggers with the same interests and every comment is highly welcome.

What this blog is not: This blog is not intended to be used as a communication platform to convey messages to friends and relatives in a roundabout way. It could happen that I dedicate an article to a person because of the beauty of its meaning or text, but never to say something I wouldn’t say to that person in a direct way. I personally consider every type of indirect roundabout communication as a lack of self-assurance.