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Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj

In the waking state, the husband, the wife, the king, and queen, are all as false as in a dream. The one who understands this well, is the Incarnation of the Incarnation. He himself is God. The Scriptures, the Vedas, you, I, all are only a myth. This world is a dream. One who awakens from this dream, is truly awakened. In this world appearance, we really own nothing. We say that we should not die and we have to be careful accordingly. That is not how it is in the game of chess. In chess, the man who is defeated is not hanged, nor does the one who wins gets any kingdom. This Illusion is like a game of chess. When a game of chess is over, the players go away with only what they brought with them to the game. What kingdom or spoils can they take away? In short, this world is a game of chess. What is visible is Brahman, but I ask you, what is beyond this appearance? It is Parabrahman. I ask you, “What and how is it?” “That” is Shiva. “That” is Brahman, which is the Truth. There is no horse, house, or man. There is only One, nothing else. However, “That” has no name, no shape. It “is,” that’s all. There is no asking what “It” is, or how “It” is. The dictates of the Vedas are all like a dream. Bondage and freedom are false. One who understands this and lives a natural life has no insistence that some thing should be done, or should not be done. To do, or not to do, is the thought belonging to the “body-consciousness.” Many were able to be completely and perpetually free by withdrawing from the worldly life, but they also kept the sense that they were “somebody.” Even when they attained victory, to be immovable or movable, are factors belonging to the body. Such a one valued himself, or conceived of himself, in relation to the body only. Such conceptual delusion should not be there. Really we are nothing and at the same time, we are all things. Not one, not two, not even zero. Elephant, dog, horse, we are all these, we are everything.

— Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj – Master of Selfrealization – Talk 04/11/1935

The Game of Chess