To fill the bucket


Grasping at sense objects (a match-factory)

When the mind is directed to the illusionary outside world of objects, it is prone to grasp at these objects as it has numberless concepts to distinguish between them. The amount of them is endless. The mind is conditioned by society, personal experience and education to grasp, reject or to be indifferent towards them. The more it is under the influence of desire, the more it grasps. It wants to fulfil this emptiness left behind by the veil that covers our happiness, our true self, with the fleeting happiness created by the objects of desire. As the very nature of the sense objects is impermanent, suffering is inherent. This happiness is never lasting and we will never get the bucket full, no matter how much we grasp at desirable objects. As soon as the object is acquired, the happiness that is obtained by it is already fading away, even though the object might still exist. The magic of the moment when it became “mine” quickly fades and it then turns into a weapon faced towards us. It can now cause innumerable sufferings. It might get stolen, lost, leave us or increase our pride, hence become fruitful soil for hatred, anger, jealousy or suffering of loss. And finally, this whole process leaves permanently new impressions on the veil of our true self, covering it ever more and distancing us ever more from the true happiness we are longing for so hardly… our true self.

The only way to clear that veil, this dust on the mirror, on our true nature, is to let go and to observe… in silence. It is only by discriminative knowledge that we can meet the army of defilements of the mind. Then, through understanding the real nature of those illusionary outside objects, the grasping will naturally take an end. The veil made out of all those impressions covering our true shining self will slowly dissolve and true happiness will naturally be revealed. It might go very quickly for some of us, but I can also take many years. But the very motivation of reading about all this, even if it might be difficult to understand at the beginning, is already the first step into a wonderful story realizable in this lifetime, if you are really decided to do so.



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  1. wonnerschéin geschriwen, ech giff jo lo mol soen datt een aus dem Text spiert dass de an Indien wars (bass)
    An grad do hannen ginn et, bedingt duerch hir Kultur, eben méi Platzen wou een d’Méiglechkeet huet an sëch eran ze goen an ze observéieren!
    hei ass et nët esou einfach… mee mir schaffen drunn 🙂

    • Ech sinn mëttlerweil zereck an fänken leider schon muer erem un mat schaffen, awer ech hat wierklech Zäit fir mech an hunn profitéiert fir Sachen ze ennerhuelen déi ech just do konnt machen. Ech war un engem hellegen Bierg. Deen sinn ech, wéi milliounen Leit virun mir, emkreest… awer hei war et Buerféiss. D’Übung war et déi 14km an engem meditativen Zoustand ze machen, ganz wäiss Ugedoen. Also, well ech nun mol do war hunn ech am Ufank probéiert dat duerchzezéien, an hunn et schlussendlech och tatsächlech duerchgezunn. Ech hätt ni geduecht dass ech sou eng Streck ouni Schong kéint zereckleen. Mueres um halwer 6 ass et lass gangen… ganz alleng… An um 11 Auer war ech schon erem. Et war eng Erfahrung déi ech elo net méi wéilt mëssen. Awer do verstehs du jo bestemmt am beschten wat ech domat mengen. Du hues jo och schon sou muench Sachen duerchgezunn déis du bestemmt net wäerts vergiessen.
      Merci! 🙂

  2. ”But the very motivation of reading about all this, even if it might be difficult to understand at the beginning, is already the first step into a wonderful story realizable in this lifetime, if you are really decided to do so.”….that gives me hope.So often I wander off to that world which makes me see only the objects but then I am once again pulled towards the inner one.Don’t know whether this will go on like this…swinging off and on or the journey will move forwrd to more meaningful depths but then I am thankful to God that even if for some time ,He takes me by hand and guide towards that serene journey.
    Thanks for the wonderful piece.It’s been really a very long gap.

    • Hi Namita,
      Thank you for your message. I think that is how most of us feel and it is natural. There are moments of awareness but as we fall back into our habit patterns these are not permanent, but these moments give us a glimpse of happiness and hope. Eventually we reach self-realization but there is still this coming and going until the self is free from its veil.
      I’ll try to keep the blog up to date from time to time. 🙂
      Thanks again for reading,

  3. True understanding, you point the way so well.
    We are on simliar paths, i am pleased we have met up again.
    When I see old dilapidated buildings I am reminded of impermenence.
    Also you and your photography.
    To see what has been keeping me amused hit.
    Only if you have time as I know you lead a full life.
    Kind regards your friend jack.

    • Hi Jack,
      Thanks for your comment. We are definitively on similar paths. I know the Blog from Pommepal and I have subscribed, but I’ll have to put an Email notification as I have done with yours. So I can read the articles as they are posted. These times I rarely get the opportunity to watch my reader but I can read a mail wherever I am. That’s easier.
      Thanks for your visit!

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