How much closer can we get?


Gulliver’s View

Going out in the world as an individual and visiting an abandoned house gives me the sensation that I am close to those objects outside of me. I can touch them, I can smell them, I can see them and I can hear the noises around me. But what does the perceiver really perceive. Are the perceptions and sensations my body and sense organs deliver, really the world that is there, outside of me? Where do these perceptions and sensations really appear? Where do they come from? What makes me perceive something as beautiful that somebody else perceives as ugly? Is it me that creates this world or am I only perceiving the world? Am I the world that I create? Who am I?

I am the screen and the film projected on it. As long as I know that I am the screen and the film, I know that I am the perceiver and the perceived, hence I don’t “know” anymore. As soon as I forget the screen and believe the manyfold appearances on the screen to be different from me, I start to name them, to like them or to dislike them. My vision gets veiled and I fall into the confusion called ignorance of the true self. With that ignorance rises all the suffering inherent to that wrong belief of a world outside of me, apart from me. At the same time the belief that I am a body or I am a mind comes into being. Both, the belief of an outside world and the belief that I am a body and/or a mind always come into being together bringing about all the thoughts and hence the suffering inherent to that illusion. This illusion brings about distance, it brings about suffering, it brings about all negative emotions like attachment, aversion, pride and jealousy. But, behind this illusion is a pristine unborn, unchanging consciousness that has never been affected neither by the illusionary outside world of thoughts, neither by the suffering the thoughts generate themselves. It is the ‘I’-thought that separates itself and creates this world of suffering because it has forgotten its true nature and believes itself to be the body and/or the mind. It has forgotten that it is the screen and the scenery playing so beautifully on it. And it is only in moments of beauty and love that the veil opens a little bit, like the clouds sometimes open up and make visible the ever present and pristine sky unaffected by them. Be-ing… is meditation, is awareness. It is not awareness of something. There is nothing to be aware of. As soon as there is something to be aware of, there is ignorance of the true self. The true self IS pure pristine awareness. It is the screen and the film. The screen has no limits. It is vast radiant space, unborn, limitless and indescribable. How can we find the screen? We can only find the screen if we do not search for it. If the mind searches it, it is damned to never find it. Because the mind is thought and always arises in duality. Atman, which is Brahman, is beyond duality and can never be found as something, as an object of perception or thought. It unveils in pure pristine awareness, which is meditation, oneness, which is love and beauty in its purest essence.

 (Please let me know if you find some errors or misinterpretations in my text. English is not my mother language and I do my best efforts to be clear, but I guess that sometimes I make mistakes or use words in wrong contexts. Thank you for reading my blog.)

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  1. I found no mistakes in your writing. What I found was words that help to clear the muddy water in my mind. I will meditate on these words for deeper understanding. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    • Hi Jack,
      Thanks for your visit and your comment. I was worrying if my text was understandable because I tried to reduce everything to its essence and I had sometimes difficulties to find the words… Anyhow it is always difficult to find words when you try to speak about those things that cannot be expressed by words. 🙂

    • Hi Yaz,
      Thanks for your comment. I have already visited that page but it seemed to me that this site was dedicated to neo-advaita. But I can be wrong and I will have a closer look. I am more into traditional advaita or direct path advaita vedanta.
      I am happy that my trip to the Arunachala Mountain is now planned and I will go the Ramana Ashram very soon. It came unexpected because this was not planned but I guess that it will be a very enriching trip.
      Well… thanks again for sharing the link. I’ll now check out a bit closer what they are writing. 🙂

      • Hi Shantideva, the link is not meant for sharing any philosophy. It is a site where you register, a guide finds you, and simply asks you questions (similar to the ones you have been asking here). The questions simply point to liberation, which has to be a direct experience. It is an amazing experience when you answer the questions within yourself. There is no shared philosophy here, because that would defeat the object of this exercise.

          • I went through the questioning technique and saw the truth. They call it becoming free. I haven’t been back since because its not necessary. I don’t follow any philosophy or religion or anything. And with this website, they aren’t interested in our beliefs or in trying to make us believe anything. The idea is to be free of beliefs. If you decide to do it, please let me know how you find it.

  2. Is it me that creates this world or am I only perceiving the world? …….
    ech hunn däin Text elo schon e puer mol geliess… an en hëlleft engem déi Fro besser ze beäntwerten… luess an luess!
    Wonnerbar geschriwen!
    Léif Gréiss

    • Villmols Merci. Ech suutz zimmlech lang dobäi emmer erem een klengen Detail emzeänneren fir den Text iergendwann fäerdeg ze hunn for gepost ze ginn. Wou ech en dann selwer den Daag drop gelies hunn, hunn ech mech selwer sou missten ustrengen dass ech mir geduecht hunn dass dat wuel keen ganz liest. Merci fir d’Liesen. An wéi ech gesinn ass en jo awer Verständlech geschriwwen, dat freed mech. 🙂

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