What is the Self?


Find more at Science and Non-Duality.

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  1. Self is an “very persistent illusion” to use Albert Einstein’s words. The mysteries of the soul can not be revealed through the study of matter. What is wonderful is that scientists are finally realizing this fact. On the subatomic level, matter refuses to conform to any “laws,” and therefore, can not be defined in scientific terms. This discovery has turned many scientists into mystics.

    • Hi Victoria,
      Thanks for your valuable comment. Yes it is exactly as you wrote it. There have been many scientists that have turned into mystics because they have reached the limits and discovered that the only way to cross that limit is to drop the intellect because the intellect is always within duality.
      Have a nice weekend,

    • Hey Yaz,
      Thanks for your visit and your comment. I neglect the blog a bit these times but I very often stumble accross a lot of beautiful things and this time I didn’t forget to share it. Glad you like it and thanks for your nice words.

  2. Hallo Jean-Claude,
    Thank you for sharing!
    Een ganz interessanten Site, an un deer Konferenz mist een kënnen deel huelen!
    An dräi Wochen ginn ech an den Dolpo, ech mengen do wärt ech e bësschen Zäit kréien, och durch d’Emfeld, mech mat dem “self” ze beschäftegen 🙂
    Léiw Gréiss

    • Super! Ech sinn erem am November ennerwee. Awer dann ginn ech an den Süden bei den Arunachala Hill fir den Sri Ramana Ashram ze besichen. Ech sinn dann mol gespant op den Fotoen aus dem Dolpo!


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