Rabindranath Tagore

The ‘I’ that floats along the wave of time,
From a distance I watch him.
With the dust and the water,
With the fruit and the flower,
With the All he is rushing forward.
He is always on the surface,
Tossed by the waves and dancing to the rhythm
Of joy and suffering.
The least loss makes him suffer,
The least wound hurts him–
Him I see from afar.
That ‘I’ is not my real self;
I am still within myself,
I do not float in the stream of death.
I am free, I am desireless,
I am peace, I am illumined–
Him I see from afar.

— Rabindranath Tagore – The Later Poems

(Imagesource: Famous Poets and Poems)

From Afar

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    • Thanks! This image is really special. I like the amazing quality of it and, as you say, the look. Unfortunately I am slowly running out of pictures and so I will post some quotes with the portrait of the author until I have some new pictures. 🙂

    • Den Tagore war een vun deenen groussen Meeschteren am Dichten, an vill vun sengen Gedichter huet hien och direkt op englesch geschriwwen. Et kann een an sengen Wierder richteg erausliesen wéi déif seng Kenntnisser waren iwwert dat wat hien geschriwwen huet. Dat ass och hien op der Foto. 🙂

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