We have names for everything. What if we forgot about those names? And we stopped seeing things as something? What if we just observed things, watched things, without giving them a name, without coming to a conclusion? What do you think would happen? You would transcend everything.

— Robert Adams – Silence of the Heart – (p. 198)

Names, Images, Labels

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    • Hi Arjuna,
      Thanks a lot for this thoughtful comment, this made me put into question again the words that have been said by Adams in this quote. Realizing the true nature of things doesn’t yet mean realization of the true nature of the self, and …could there be oneness without love, only through the wisdom of knowing the true nature of things?

      • Hi Jean-Claude, thanks for responding.
        I recognize that the experience of others might be different, but for me realizing the nature of things cannot happen without realization of the nature of the self. Love arises naturally when oneness is seen. Any thoughts?

        • This is absolutely true. So many people and so many approaches to the same thing. 🙂 Some people awaken to their true nature instantaneously and some others get out of their struggles gradually. And this understanding remains a dual, intellectual understanding, as long as there is still strong identification to the mind and the body, and grasping. But through this understanding one passes beyond the limits of delusion one day and there will be no way back for the self (Atman), aching for the freedom and happiness it secretly knows and experiences every night. This will bring about our true nature unveiled sooner or later, as a spark can light up a big fire. I can understand Adams using the phrase “You would transcend everything.” because one passes beyond these limits of delusion and hence awakens to one’s true nature that is the true nature of everything. Atman is Brahman. That is how I have lived it and I believe that there is still a lifelong evolution because the ego is always somewhere trying to strike back in a moment of weakness. 🙂 I really appreciate this exchange. Thank you!

    • “Challenge” is a good word when it comes about thinking about these things. It is always limited because there is always the thinker and the thought, which is the past. Understanding will only happen in the now and putting it into words is only pointing towards truth that is here and now. As I am not a native English speaker it is sometimes very difficult to express myself when it comes to such a subject. Thanks a lot for your comments Yaz. 🙂

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