The mind must come to a state of silence, completely empty of fear, longing and all images. This cannot be brought about by suppression, but by observing every feeling and though without qualification, condemnation, judgement, or comparison. If unmotivated alertness is to operate the censor must disappear. There must simply be a quiet looking at what composes the mind. In discovering the facts just as they are, agitation is eliminated, the movement of thoughts becomes slow and we can watch each thought, its cause and content as it occurs. We become aware of every thought in its completeness and in this totality there can be no conflict. Then only alertness remains, only silence in which there is neither observer nor observed. So do not force your mind. Just watch its various movements as you would look at flying birds. In this uncluttered looking all your experiences surface and unfold. For unmotivated seeing not only generates tremendous energy but frees all tension, all the various layers of inhibitions. You see the whole of yourself.

Observing everything with full attention becomes a way of life, a return to your original and natural meditative being.

— Jean Klein – The Ease of Being (p. 28)

Observing everything with full attention becomes a way of life

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  1. Gudd beschriwen, mee sou schwèier fir et ze maachen….!
    Gedanken ewéi Wolleken laanescht zèihenl loossen….. daat ass mir bis elo am Yoga eréischt heiensdo, an dann nëmmen fir e kuerzen Moment, gelongen!
    Ass nët einfach……
    Ech froen mech, op engem dat an onsem Liewensstil, Arbescht, Famill, Frënn iwerhaapt kann mèiglech sinn? Den “Geescht” gëtt jo dodurch ëmmer vun allen Säiten stimmulèiert…..mee ech üben weidder 🙂

    • Jo, dat ass allerdings op eng Manéier komplizéiert, awer dach vill méi einfach wéi et ausgesäit. Den Geescht generéiert ëmmer Gedanken. Wann mir eis awer lues an lues nët méi mat den Gedanken identifizéieren, kréien se emmer manner Afloss an déi Kettenreaktioun hällt op. Sou bal wéi een d’Gedanken als Zeien just nach observéiert ouni drop anzegoen, huelen so oof. An wann dat Verhalen eng Gewunnegt gëtt (keen Zwang) dann geet op een Mol alles vun alleng well een wéi an een Strudel geréit den och am alltäglechen Liewen säin eegenen Wee geet. …wann een bis déi Erfahrung am Yoga gemeet huet ass een jo schon iergendwéi an den Strudel geroden. Et wees een dass et geet an et huet een Blut geleckt… 🙂

    • Oh, I know that very well. Every time I discover somebody new I make a little research on the Internet to know a little bit more about him and if it is a trustworthy person. That’s what I always do before buying a book because there are so many fake teachers (especially in the western traditions of Advaita) making a lot of money on the spiritual marketplace only sowing a lot of confusion. But Jean Klein has been one of the authentic teachers. Thanks! 🙂

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