The inherent contradiction of human life has now reached an extreme degree of tension: on the one side there is the consciousness of the beneficence of the law of love, and on the other the existing order of life which has for centuries occasioned an empty, anxious, restless, and troubled mode of life, conflicting as it does with the law of love and built on the use of violence. This contradiction must be faced, and the solution will evidently not be favourable to the outlived law of violence, but to the truth which has dwelt in the hearts of men from remote antiquity: the truth that the law of love is in accord with the nature of man. But men can only recognize this truth to its full extent when they have completely freed themselves from all religious and scientific superstitions and from all the consequent misrepresentations and sophistical distortions by which its recognition has been hindered for centuries.

— Leo Tolstoy – A Letter to a Hindu

The law of love is in accord with the nature of man

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  1. Today at the park I saw two young boys playing, one was doing karate moves dodging pretend bullets from another boys imaginary gun. I thought that this violent nature, usually it’s with boys, seems to be an evolutionary trait that has helped early man for protection. I look forward to the day when man evolves from his Neolithic state of violence, destruction and greed to a mindset of love, gratitude and peace. Love and science shall usher us into world peace but sometimes it difficult to see it in the present. Let the future change with love and may it start with me!

    • Let the future change with love and may it start with me!” That is really beautifully said. Our most inner essence, our true nature is love. All the violence we witness in our daily lives is the result of a mind conditioned by habits, tradition and society. We can only change the world by changing ourselves because we are the world. Thank you very much for this beautiful contribution. 🙂

    • The future is uncertain but it is contained in the now. Lets make the best of it now and embrace the timeless moment with all our love and it shall always be with us. 🙂
      Thank you very much Stephanie. 🙂

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