It is a great honour to sit with discomfort, for all the mysteries of the universe lie within. As you sit with discomfort, you also meet discomfort’s best friend – the urge to escape that discomfort! Is there enough room in you for both discomfort AND the urge to escape discomfort? Of course – who you are is vast and spacious enough to hold anything. This is true meditation – no longer resisting discomfort and trying to escape to a future comfort, but discovering the ever-present, unconditional Comfort that you are, the perfect calm in the midst of the storm.

— Jeff Foster

To discover the ever-present, unconditional comfort

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    • I think so too. I always come across Jeff Foster when I browse the Internet for interesting Advaita teachers. I have not yet read a book he has written, but he seems to speak his own words. That is important and telling a lot about him.

      • He has written a couple of books which are pretty good, but if you’re familiar with non-duality/advaita you may not need to read them. However, he has a book due out in November which, from a couple of excerpts that I’ve seen, looks like it is going to reflect the recent maturity of his teaching. It’s going to be called, “The Deepest Acceptance: Radical Awakening in Ordinary Life”.

        • Thanks for the information. I’ll wait for that book. I really like reading although, as you mentioned, reading books is not really changing anything and sometime can be a waste of time. It is a bit like the story of the finger pointing to the moon and wasting this precious life on studying the finger instead of looking the moon. But I really enjoy to read texts that are written out of personal experience without citing or quoting other teachers. That’s what disturbed me a bit in the text of Floyd Anderson I posted on 12/08. Jeff Foster seems to be more speaking his own words like Rupert Spira does. 🙂

    • I think that this unusual pointer is telling a lot about Jeff Foster. I like to see texts that are not mere repetitions of what others said, but rather telling the same in other words. Thank you. 🙂

  1. jo wirklech een aneren Style, dat hunn ech och geduecht irt ech bei d’Kommentaren komm sinn an do bestätegts et !!

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