The world does not yield to changing. By its very nature it is painful and transient. See it as it is and divest yourself of all desire and fear. When the world does not hold and bind you, it becomes an abode of joy and beauty. You can be happy in the world only when you are free of it.

— Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj – I am That – p. 504

Nobody will succeed in changing the world

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  1. A quote I too once wrote down when I read this book over and over again. I couldn’t quite grasp the liberating truth in it then, some 20 years ago. Today – with this picture – I find it again. My mind still cringing, but I don’t listen to my mind that much anymore. Of course, the world cannot be changed, and why should it? I’m not my mind, I’m not the world, however, I’m aware of both.

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